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New Common rail references

The following references have been added to our catalogue ! Consult 'New refs' -> New Common rail references 2015


New A/C compressors references

New Airco compressors references September 2014 Teamec Compressor Type Make 8600280 Delph...

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Welcome to Teamec

Teamec is specialised in the remanufacturing of Automotive Airco Compressors and Common-rail High-pressure pumps and Injectors.

Due to the investments in training, test equipment, and daily overview of the market evolutions,… , Teamec has become a main player in the remanufacturing of Automotive Airco Compressors.

Involvement, reliability , solidity are a few of our objectives.
Creating high quality products, flexibility and short delivery terms are the main goals of our entire team.

All the products need to pass several tests before leaving our warehouse.
Teamec offers a range of 810 different references Automotive Airco Compressors, not only for passenger cars, but also for trucks, agriculture and industrial purposes.

Our Common-Rail High Pressure Pumps and Injectors department is one of the best equipped workshops, concerning test machinery,
Our Common rail Pumps Publication already counts about 65 different references and Common rail Injectors Publication counts about 141 different references, with a lot of applications.

To support our clients with technical information, our customer service can count on specialised employees, foreign languages spoken.


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